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Saxophonist Dwan Bosman

Music, the universal language that continues to influence the masses, bridge gaps of all kinds and enhance lives, did not fall short of resonating it's benevolent nature when first encountering the likes of Dwan Bosman. After his initiation into the world of music which was ingrained in him before he took his first breath, Dwan Bosman would spend the majority of his life's journey studying and mastering the art form we love and know as Jazz. While Jazz lies at the heart of his music DNA, this entertainment  powerhouse spreads himself generously across the genre spectrum as evidenced over the last 3 decades of his professional career. Featuring undeniable raw talent and a love for the human connection, Dwan Bosman delivers an experience that fuses the soul with the epitome of music. 

Dwan Bosman "Cantaloupe Island" with Libro Musica Live!

Dwan Bosman "Cantaloupe Island" with Libro Musica Live!

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Dwan Bosman

Dwan Bosman began courting the saxophone at the age of 15, inspired by a deep rooted tutelage reaching back to his grandfather.

Initially playing the clarinet & bass clarinet at the age of 12, his interest was to be classically trained, but at the age of 15, listened to “A Love Supreme” by John Coltrane and became infatuated with Jazz.

Charlie Parker, Lloyd Smith, Sonny Stitt, The Bosman Twins, Julian “Cannonball” Adderley, Grover Washington Jr, Miles Davis, Kenny Garrett, David Sanborn and GiGi Gryce have been his most poignant influences molding the vivid sound he produces.

This infatuation turned love affair with Jazz continues, nevertheless he is limitless and versatile in his talent with an eclectic mix of genres played. His album “Sax Attack” released in 2013 exhibits his versatility and his single “For Eternity” released in 2015 is an “unsung” allegiance to love and the union of two people for a lifetime.        

​Dwan Bosman is the embodiment of live performance, having done so for 25+ years across the nation and abroad, performing is like breathing to this soulful saxophonist and his showmanship is remarkable. Performing regularly at the Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport for a program entitled “The Sounds of Southern Hospitality” his passion resonates to everyone he serenades whether a disgruntled infant, all the way through to the most mature of crowds.

With his exceptional ability to play and entertain any gender, age group, race and nationality, he has established himself as a benchmark in the city of Atlanta as a premier saxophonist.

Whether functioning as part of the cast of a corporate band, performing with a headliner, or being the headliner himself, he has traveled all paths of the musician walk. Dwan Bosman will take you on a musical excursion not to be forgotten.

Booking Saxophonist Dwan Bosman

Saxophonist Dwan Bosman specializes in breathing charisma, class and professionalism into every event, recording session or venue he serves. With over 25 years of experience in meeting and exceeding the expectations of a diverse catalog of clients, he is guaranteed to please. Get in touch to learn about how Dwan Bosman can enhance your experience, and book available dates.

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